​Whether you purchased an older home as a full-time residence or so that you could flip it for a profit, the presence of asbestos brings your renovation project to a halt. How can you safely remove all of the toxic materials found in your new house without exposing yourself to its toxicity?

Vancouver Asbestos Pros continues providing the best in Tsawwassen asbestos removal services, keeping more area residents safer from harm.

Our experienced technicians stay the trusted choice throughout the community, providing you with best in total asbestos removal solutions. Whether you feel worried that your home may contain the material, or you can’t be sure, our staff gets to the bottom of all your concerns quickly.

When you have the best choice for testing, disposal, and remediation services, it means your house remains in good hands each time. Don’t allow the presence of asbestos in your buildings prevent you from moving forward with your life. Contact us today for the best in total removal solutions.

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    Not every older building utilized asbestos in its construction process. Other homes, however, contain it even though builders stopped using asbestos back in 1980.
    Our technicians take a sample of your building materials in question and we then professionally test it to discover how toxic it remains. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we can move forward with the rest of our remediation services, helping you protect your family for less every day.
    However, detection remains the best way to know that your buildings are safe, and we will take multiple samples throughout to guarantee that there is or isn’t asbestos present. Too many homeowners use cheap store-purchased detection kits, but as soon as they see a negative result, they stop searching further.
    Asbestos lurks in your popcorn ceiling surfaces, floor tiles, fiberglass insulation, and more common building materials. When you need the best results from your testing, you need our team there for you.


    Some residents believe that they are doing themselves a favour by removing asbestos when they find it. However, without the right safety equipment, you’re putting yourself further at risk by getting it airborne.
    It breaks down into particles too small for you to see, but it quickly gets sucked down into your lungs. There, it causes lingering health problems from difficulty breathing to developing cancer.
    The only way to destroy asbestos is by chemically treating it while applying intense heat. That will break down the material without physical contact.


    ​Before you put yourself and your loved ones at risk, you need to call in the asbestos removal experts for your buildings today. Otherwise, you can expose yourself to the toxic materials and not even know that you did.
    Whether you need professional testing, certified removals or the best in remediation services, we remain the best choice for your needs every day. Contact Vancouver Asbestos Pros today and schedule your professional removal services for any buildings.