Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pro’s has been providing superior asbestos abatement services in Vancouver, BC residents. We service all of Vancouver and the surrounding areas with emergency response. With many years of experience, we set the industry standard in asbestos removal, asbestos abatement, and demolition projects.

From the 1930s to 1990, asbestos was widely used in the construction of commercial and residential properties in Canada. Asbestos was widely considered to be a miracle material in building materials, mainly because of its strength, thermal insulating properties, and fireproofing capabilities.

When asbestos is damaged or crumbles, for example, during a demolition, asbestos fibers are released into the air. Inhaling these fibers increases a serious risk to a person’s health and safety conditions such as fibrotic lung disease, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.


Construction and renovation projects often involve controlled demolitions. If you need professional demolition solutions, Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pros can help. Our demolition contractors will take care of the entire process, from acquiring the proper permits to recycling the site materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

We can demolish any residential structure, including houses, garages, and rural structures. Before carrying out a demolition project, we conduct a thorough assessment of the building materials as well as a pre-demolition asbestos inspection to ensure that the project meets all safety codes and requirements.


If you are concerned about asbsestos in your home, the first thing to do is get it tested. We can arrange to come and take samples from your home and figure out a game plan. Or if you are planning a demolition, or if you want to ensure that there is no asbestos in your home, contact Us. Our team of asbestos contractors offers emergency response service and will come to your home and carry out a thorough inspection of building materials for the presence of asbestos.

If we find asbestos in the building materials of your home, we will formulate a custom removal solution to ensure your household’s safety.


Asbestos can be embedded in roofing materials, pipes, siding, wallboard, joint compounds, and floor tiles. Our asbestos contractors have all the necessary skills, equipment, and experience to remove all traces of asbestos from these components completely.

Don’t try to remove the asbestos yourself. When disturbed, asbestos emits harmful fibres that can be detrimental to all occupants’ health.

After removing the asbestos, we may conduct an asbestos test again to ensure that there is nothing left.


Asbestos has to be disposed of in a manner prescribed by law to ensure the safety of the community and the environment. Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pros meets all the legal requirements to ensure the safe disposal of asbestos.

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We serve property owners and managers throughout Vancouver and the surrounding areas, including:

– Vancouver

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If you live in these areas and need a professional service pertaining to asbestos abatement or controlled demolition, we can help. We ensure complete safety and special measure for Covid 19 too.

To learn more about our services, contact us via email or phone. You can also visit our offices in Vancouver. If you want to receive a free quote, complete and submit our online form, and we will respond within 24 hours.

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From simple to complex jobs, our team handles all of your needs from asbestos testing to safely contain asbestos. We know that when asbestos is in your home or business, time is of the essence. This is why we do full asbestos testing and deliver fast and safe asbestos removal at affordable costs. We take pride in our ability to manage just about any need for asbestos removal in residential, or commercial property.

Our objective is to gain your trust in our well-established company to take care of your requests for asbestos removal and demolition in Vancouver

This way, we can identify any problems early on, and we can treat and/or remove all affects parts. Our commitment to our customers is what makes us the best in the industry. If you suspect you might have an asbestos problem in your living or workspace, give us a call! as your health and safety is extremely important.

Our topnotch technicians possess everything you will need to get rid of your deadly asbestos. From an asbestos drywall job to a complex asbestos remediation project, our team is familiar with every innovative asbestos abatement techniques. We are your one-stop asbestos removal service in Vancouver especially now in Covid 19 time.

Affordable Asbestos Abatement in Vancouver, BC

Do you want to get asbestos abatement in Vancouver?

Have you come across asbestos in your residence, at your business, or in a building that you manage?

If you have arrived at this page, you most likely have a rather good idea that asbestos is a dangerous and hazardous material. Moreover, it needs to be accurately handled by trained and licensed professionals. This is where we come in.

This scenario has shown to be stressful for many individuals due to the hazardous nature of asbestos, but we can aid you in this process and ease your mind and keep you safe from any serious causes of asbestos

Regardless if you’re a property manager or homeowner, we treat all projects and clients with care, despite the size or type of project. Email, call or use the contact form. We’ll be happy to aid you in any way we can.

Asbestos abatement and removal must be done meticulously and accurately for asbestos containing. The risk of asbestos-related disease is quite real and must be deemed a threat to the workers too.  We understand all too well the awful stories of folks who decided to ignore how dangerous asbestos removal jobs are. That’s the reason we use respirators and protective suits for all our technical staff.


​We are experts in asbestos waste and debris removal by following the asbestos waste disposal policy. There is only one great choice in Vancouver, BC when it comes to choosing an asbestos abatement contractor. We are open to all kind of residential and commercial asbestos abatement projects with emergency response at all times. Since we first established our company, our vision has been to offer quality service unsurpassed by any of our competitors. We have built solid customer relations on honesty and efficiency.