Unlike with other building materials, asbestos is not something that can safely get removed without certified training and safety equipment. While similar to the pink rolls of insulation that you have in your attic, asbestos fibers remain so thin that they are barely recognizable by the naked eye.

It isn’t until you start exhibiting the severe symptoms of illnesses related to exposure to it that you know that it is still inside of your building. Unfortunately, as a debilitating carcinogen, the chances of making a recovery remain slim.

The only known way of preventing illnesses is the complete removal of asbestos especially if you are living in Richmond . No matter where you may think you have asbestos, you can find us already remediating buildings throughout:

  • Thompson
  • Seafair
  • Stevenson
  • Broadmoor
  • Southarm
  • Finn Slough
  • And more area neighborhoods
asbestos removal Vancouver

​Asbestos is not exclusive to Richmond, but it remains a health hazard many of your neighbors face every day. Don’t continue risking your health or your loved ones and call us today to get professional testing and Asbestos Abatement in the Richmond and surrounding area.

asbestos removal Vancouver

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    Our staff has the training and experience you can trust for all of your asbestos service needs in Richmond and nearby areas. We provide more ways of detecting, removing, and demolishing more areas where the material remains prevalent, keeping more area residents safer.

    We only use the highest rating of expert tools, equipment, and supplies to ensure that you receive the best quality of asbestos removal service is possible. No matter how much or where we discover it, you can rest easier knowing you have chosen the top name around.

    Ignoring asbestos does not make it go away and attempting to clean it out by yourself could very well end up becoming a death sentence. Instead, ensure that you have the safest removal services possible by hiring us.

    We remain ready for your call every day, providing you with fast, dependable contractors each time. Call Asbestos PROS today and get your Asbestos Removal done.