What Causes Attic Mold? Attic Mold Removal

The attic is the most common place for mold growth. Mold needs an organic substance that is wet to grow on, which is exactly what condensation in the attic offers. Most owners never go in their attics which gives mold the time to grow without any disturbance.

Most people get to know about mold when they are on the verge to sell the house. A home inspection is done before being sold out. & if mold is discovered it causes panic!

How to know if you have an attic mold issue?

You just have to check your attic annually and deal with it promptly to avoid attic mold problems.

Signs of an attic mold problem


  • Discoloration: If you notice any black discoloration or staining on your attic’s wood surface, you have mold that should be removed instantly.
  • Hot or stuffy attic: If the attic is properly ventilated it feel breezy but in case of hot or stuffy feeling there is a chance of mold because it means attic is not properly ventilated which results in mold
  • Frost buildup: In case of improper ventilation in winters you may witness frost buildup on the underside of the roof sheathing. This makes it easy to spot
  • Wet insulation: If your insulation gets damp or wet you will soon have a mold problem.
  • Water Dripping: If there is any kind of water leakage it clearly indicates that the floor above you has moisture which will soon result in mold.
  • Smell of mildew: A musty or earthy smell in your attic indicates moisture, which is the source for mold


What causes mold in attic?

Attic conditions such as humidity, wood sheathing, and often a lack of sufficient airflow, provide an ideal atmosphere for mold to flourish.


  • Low ventilation
  • Roof leaks
  • Inappropriate insulation in the attic

      How to get rid of attic mold?


  • Remove the attic mold by yourself
  • Fix moisture problem but leave the mold behind
  • Professional remediation of attic mold


Attic Mold is Common and doesn’t have to charge you thousands

If you have experienced attic mold, know that you’re not alone. Thousands of people deal with attic mold annually. It is caused by moisture issues. If your attic is properly ventilated and there are no water leaks, you won’t have attic mold to deal with. It will cost you some money but know that it can be taken care of quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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